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TWiki Administrator Group Set GROUP PeterThoeny #Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE TWikiAdminGroup (Setup Note: (a) Verify that user authentication is working, (b) set the members ...
URLPARAM{"topic"} Set GROUP WIKIUSERNAME , Main.Others... Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE URLPARAM{"topic"} Related topics: WIKIUSERSTOPIC , TWikiGroups, TWIKIWEB .TWikiAccessControl ...
These groups can be used to define fine grained TWIKIWEB .TWikiAccessControl in TWiki: SEARCH{"GROUP" topic " Group" casesensitive "on" nosummary "on" nosearch "on ...
A guest of this TWiki web, not unlike yourself. You can leave your trace behind you, just add your name in TWIKIWEB .TWikiRegistration and create your own page. Personal ...
The site-level preferences are located in TWIKIWEB .TWikiPreferences Main.PeterThoeny 20 Dec 2003
List of TWiki users Please take the time and add yourself to the list. To do that fill out the form in TWIKIWEB .TWikiRegistration. This will create an account for ...
See TWIKIWEB .TWikiVariables
You can find the latest ToDo list in our CVS module: checkout /linuxmp3box/linuxmp3box server/TODO?
Here would stand the information about the Tokyo office: Address: Phone: Fax: List of employees at TokyoOffice. Related topic: OfficeLocations, WIKIUSERSTOPIC

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