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This is the Homepage of the Linux MP3-Box Project. The aim of this Project is to build the necessary Hard- and Software to use an old CD-Player an rebuild it into a network-able MP3-Player


New work in progress   jpsi - 2003-12-07 12:51   -   Linux Mp3-Box
I recently began witing the web frontend for the MP3Box.

linuxmp3box_server-0.02 released   jpsi - 2002-10-24 08:26   -   Linux Mp3-Box
Version 0.02 of the linuxmp3box server has been released.
This release includes a point system for MP3s, enhanced user feedback for buttons and enhanced LCD informations.
Major CVS update   jpsi - 2002-10-23 13:10   -   Linux Mp3-Box
The linuxmp3box_server CVS module is in progress of major rewrite.
CVS-Repositories   jpsi - 2001-03-16 15:17   -   Linux Mp3-Box
The Client- & Server-Codes are now in their CVS-Repositories.
Use linuxmp3box_client and linuxmp3box_server if you want to work on the code.
mp3_client and mp3_server have been imported by fault and can not be deleted, because of missing rights on the CVS-Server :(
New Software   jpsi - 2001-03-16 15:14   -   Linux Mp3-Box
Uploaded the client- & server-code (Perl),
Webpage update   jpsi - 2000-11-13 10:37   -   Linux Mp3-Box
I updated the webpages. More pics, more info more details...
Project started   jpsi - 2000-11-06 10:37   -   Linux Mp3-Box
Our "pre-webpage" has been uploaded.
Real info will follow soon.

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